Vaccine USB Virus Detection Tool


Vaccine USB Virus Detection Tool for embedded and industrial

With LED Indicator powered by McAfee®
for hidden virus threats in Windows OS
based industrial systems

Key Features:
* Self Contained - No Software installation, no changes or modifications to target PC.
* Easy to Manage - Device setting, scan log and virus definition update software run from the Vaccine USB and any internet accessible PC can be used.
* Auto-Run - No keybord or monitor required.
* Easy to Understand Results - Blue LED = Virus free, Red LED = Virus detected.
* 3 User Settings - User can select from 3 different scan modes.
* Work with Windows XP Embedded OS
* Powered by McAfee - scan engine and up-to-date virus definition provided by McAfee.
* One Year virus data base update included.

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Made in Japan

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