*****Product Information*****


We would like to inform you about some XFMRS product highlights:

XFTPRH6D38T Series

High Temp Shielded Inductor

➢ AEC-Q200
➢ Extended Temp Range (-40°C to +125°C)
➢ Current Range: 270mA to 3.7A
➢ Small SMD Package
➢ Custom values available upon request

You can find the datasheet here.

XFxxxxHV-CMC100 Series

Common Mode Chokes

➢ Inductance Range: 100uH to 2.5mH
➢ Current Ratings: 1.0A to 7.5A
➢ High Isolation
➢ Through-hole
➢ High current capability
➢ Custom values available upon request

In February XFMRS released several new series of Common Mode Chokes including the XFxxxxHV-CMC120.

These were received with such great interest that it drove them to develop yet another in an even smaller footprint. The XFxxxxHV-CMC100 has the same electrical characteristics but can be customized for a customers specific needs. You can find the datasheet here.