Product Change - Cooling Solution LGA115x – modified for Fujitsu MB D3243-S


We would like to inform you about a product change. Our previous item HSM#102958 S2NA-FSI7-D126D will no longer exist in this form. In order to offer a suitable 2U/HE cooling solution for the Fujitsu D3243-S Board, this cooler has been slightly modified (cut-out in the bottom plate – see pictures). The functionality of the cooler has not changed.

So our previous item HSM#102958 S2NA-FSI7-D126D is replaced by the modified version HSM#103924 S2NA-FSI7-D126D-1. Please visit our Embedded Industrial and Server Cooling / LGA115x category for more cooling solutions for Socket LGA115x with technical information.

If you have further questions or a concrete request, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

Your HSM-Team