Determination of customer satisfaction / April 2014


We annually review the level of satisfaction of our customers regarding our products and services. The result of the survey conducted last month, we do not want to deprive you.

The analysis implies the following average results**:

General impression about our products very well 2,1
Quality of our products very well 2,1
Accessibility excellent – very well 1,4
Service friendliness at e-mails and calls excellent – very well 1,5
Flexibility (e. g. order changes or moving delivery) very well 2,0
Consultation competence of our employees very well 2,0
Satisfaction with product and company presentation on the internet good 2,8
Quality of the delivered packets in terms of logistics very well 2,0
Delivery performance in terms of compliance with confirmed delivery very well 2,0
Complaint processing very well - good 2,4
Overall impression of the company very well - good 1,9

In this way we want to thank our customers, who have participated in this survey.
Of course, we will strive continuously in future, to achieve even better results.

** 1 = excellent
2 = very well
3 = good
4 = sufficient
5 = deficient
6 = insufficient